Oklahoma’s #34ComplexFire | 1

Incident Summary

The #34ComplexFire is made up of many smaller wildfires that was reportedly started on April 12, 2018, from an unknown cause.  The fire is burning about 4-6 miles NW of Woodward, Oklahoma. 

Fire Timeline

Here is the timeline for this incident:

The wildfire was reported on Thursday, April 12th.  Multiple structures are under threat.  A RED CROSS Shelter was established at the Faith United Methodist Church located at 1402 Texas Avenue, Woodward, Oklahoma.  115,000 acres.  13% contained.  88 personnel.  30 engines. 2 helicopters.  32 structures (homes and outbuildings) were destroyed.  $110,000 cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment costs.

On Friday, April 13th, the wildfire had grown to 120,000 acres.  Fire crews reached a 4% containment status.  Fire behavior was said to be extreme with running, flanking and spotting.  Structures were said to be threatened.  No additional buildings had been destroyed and holding at 32 lost.  Road closures were in effect.  247 personnel w/100 engines.  

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Super Scooper on the 34 Complex Fire

Firefighters were successfully in keeping the fire at bay and holding to 120,000 acres of destroyed tall grass and brush.  The fire behavior was said to have been reduced to moderate but was now moving due to wind-driven runs and flanking.  Homes were still threatened on April 14th.  Staffing numbers dropped down to the 88 personnel from yesterday’s 247.  The number of engines also dropped from 100 to 70 with the same amount of helicopters (2).  A breakdown of structures lost were 12 homes and 20 outbuildings.  The cost-to-date reached $365,000.

Due to more accurate mapping, the number of acreage destroyed was reduced from 120,000 to 53,000 acres on April 15th.  Fire crews were able to increase the containment status up to 25%.  Due to the fire not being so ablaze and every increasing containment, personnel would again drop almost by half, down to 45.  There were 19 engines and 1 helicopter still assigned to this incident.  The cost-to-date would rise to $423,000.

On April 16th, the fire again consumed additional acres and the number rose to 67,778.  A 45% containment was reached on Monday with the aid of 57 personnel, 21 engines and 1 helicopter.  Fire behavior was moderate with wind-drive runs, flanking and creeping.  Crews were successful with structure protection as the number of buildings remained at 32 (Structure protection was holding in place).  The cost-to-date has risen up to $506,000.  

Fire Photography

Credit goes to Oklahoma Forestry Services.

(c) 2018 Firestorms and Disasters


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