Oklahoma Wildfires | 2

State of Oklahoma – As you many of you are aware, there are multiple wildfires breaking out in the United States which we will be bringing as a combined daily post separated by each State.

FYI:  “Oklahoma EMD is working with Dewey & Woodward Counties EMD to provide a survey for residents to submit damage info caused by 34 Complex and Rhea Fires.” – OKEMD



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The faces behind the incident who work tirelessly during planning, briefing and putting it all into action. | Credit:  Oklahoma Forestry Services

This fire is burning 6 miles north of Woodward.  Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering and creeping with homes still under threat.

67,778 acres with a 45% containment status has been reached.

There are 218 personnel attached to this incident along with 28 engines, 1 helicopter.

33 structures have been lost and the CTD for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $600,000.

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FIRE FACT:  “Not only does fire consume acres of land, brush, grasses and anything in its path including power poles is amazing how quickly it goes up in smoke.”

It is important for those who protect, serve and repair its communities infrastructure.  OKFS has observed the quick action of Northwestern Electric Coop employees have been so quick to repair these poles a high rate of speed and impressing Fire Officials on this wildfire.

Conditions firefighters are faced with as they work to suppress and contain these firestorms | Credit:  Oklahoma Forestry Services

FIRE FACT:  “There has been 2 confirmed fatalities of a 61 yo male in Roger Mills County and a woman who died in her car near Seiling.  There have been a total of 3 smoke inhalation and 6 heat-related injuries reported.”


The Bruner Fire is located 8 miles south of Mannford in the Okmulgee Field Office of the Bureau of Indian Agency (BIA).  Hardwood litter is the fire fuel.

There are no resources but 21 engines assigned. Unsure what the exact details are for this type of stat.

There has been 334 acres destroyed but crews have reached a 50% containment status.

$1,000 in damages has been recorded as today’s total in suppression and containment costs-to-date.

MASS FEEDING INFO:  The American Red Cross continues to provide meals to firefighters and residents impacted by the Rhea and 34 Complex wildfires.



The Cali Fire is located 11 miles west of Skiatook with timber being the main fire fuel burning.  There are 796 acres destroyed but crews have reached an 85% containment status.

There are 12 personnel assigned with 4 engines.

Total costs-to-date have reached $3,000.

SHELTER INFO:  First Baptist Church – 301 N Noble Ave, Watonga & elm Grove Community Church – 53502 S county Rd 226 in Chester, Oklahoma.


This fire is located in BIA – Osage Agency territory and located 7 miles SW of Pawhuska.

There has been 2,700 acres scorched and fire crews have reached a 60% containment status.

There are 79 personnel assigned along with 42 engines.

$6,000 is the total for CDT suppression and containment efforts.

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Photo Credit:  Oklahoma Forestry Services

MASS FEEDING (Laverne):  The Red Cross is providing food and beverages to responders on a wildfire near Laverne in Beaver County.

#HarrahRoadFire (NEW)

The unnamed wildfire was reported by the Oklahoma County Emergency Management Agency or OKCEMA today located at SE 29th Street and Harrah Road.  Five fire departments were dispatched to the scene.  Limited information.

#LaverneFire (NEW)

The Beaver County Emergency Management Agency reported a fire north of US 412 west of Laverne.  Forestry resources were on-scene providing aerial fire suppression support. Limited info.



FIRE FACT:  “This has been far the year as the most historic fire danger in all of western Oklahoma.” – Echoed through Fire Communities

The Rhea Fire is listed about 1 mile west of Reha in tall grass and brush.  Fire behavior is active with single-tree torching, spotting and short-crown runs.  Numerous structures are still under threat.

248,589 acres that has a 3% containment status.

There are 80 personnel assigned with 18 engines, 1 helicopter.  50 structures have been lost.  As of 1530 hours PDT, the National Guard has been activated to help with fire suppression efforts (reported by News Media)

Evacuations were ordered today for residents in and around Oakwood and areas near Seiling. Oklahoma Forestry Services or OFS is providing 3 heavy air tankers.  OK City Emergency Management or OKCEM has deployed a 4 member EOC team to provide support.

Total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $976,000.


For more detailed information about these wildfires or where to gain access to services and assistance, check out this link that goes to the Oklahoma County Office of Emergency Management.


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Florida Wildfires | 1


There are several wildfires still burning on the Big Cypress National Preserve of the National Park Service in the State of Florida, which we have been combined into a single post.


The Spoonbill Fire is burning on the Big Cypress National Preserve of the National Park Service, about 30 miles east of Naples, Florida.

There has been 1,843 acres of Southern rough and grass that have been destroyed.  The fire behavior is minimal with smoldering which is great news for tireless efforts performed by all involved with this incident.

They have reached an 85% containment status.

The total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment efforts have topped out at $250,000.


Photo Credit | Big Cypress National Preserve

The Buzzard Fire is located about 1.5 miles from the eastern boundary of the park and most of the fire is due north of the North Raccoon Trail. It was reported as a wildfire on April 10, 2018.

The fire has burned approximately 2,400 acres.

The cause is determined to be from a lightning strike.

* Closure Alert:  All recreational use including Off-Road Vehicles, hiking, hunting, camping and commercial activities are prohibited in closure areas to promote visitor safety during wildfire activity. *


The Vulture Fire is located about .5 miles from the eastern boundary of the Preserve and about 1 mile NE of north Raccoon Tail.

Firefighters have reached a 90% containment status.

Cause was also determined to be from a lightning strike over the area.


#SpoonbillFire #BuzzardFire #VultureFire #FLwildfire2018


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Texas’ Wildfires Ablaze Across State | 1


Due to so many wildfires and so time consuming to separate them all, we combining them into a single post.  Here is a combined list for all wildfires in the State of Texas for Monday, April 16, 2018.



The Carbon Fire is on managed land by the TX A&M Forest Service and mutual aid on-scene assisting with this fire. Fire behavior is moderate.  This fire also started on private land and is located 7 miles east of Shamrock.  12,530 acres have been scorched but there is a 75% containment status.  3 personnel with further resources are on the fire line.  There are still structures being threatened. $1,000 cost-to-date have been reached.




The 2473 Fire is located in Gray County, TX.  The fire is estimated at 800 acres with an 80% containment status.  Moderate fire behavior with 2 structures are currently under threat.  Crews are working on structure protecting and improving containment lines.


The CR 205 Fire is located 18 miles NW of Ozona and is managed by the TX A&M Forest Service.  There has been 2,500 acres of tall grass and brush that has been destroyed.  There is an 80% containment status.  Moderate fire behavior is reported.  9 personnel are assigned with no additional resources or equipment.  Structures are under threat.  Costs-to-dates have reached $1,000 as of this posting date and time.


This wildfire is located 11 miles NE of Shamrock.  At the moment, there have been 1,386 acres of tall grass that has been scorched.  Fire crews have a 95% containment status.  Structures are under threat.  Fire behavior is minimal.  19 personnel with 2 engines are assigned.  There has been a $1,000 CTD reached.



The Harbor Bay Fire is burning 1 mile south of Mason that started on private land and has destroyed 1,109 acres of brush and tall grass. Fire behavior remains moderate but there is a 90% containment status. Structures are under threat.  8 structures were previously lost.


The High Plains Fire is located in Hutchinson County with an estimated 700 – 800 acre fire that has a 30% containment status.  Forward progression has been stopped but 20-30 homes are still considered being threatened.  0 have been lost or reported as damaged.  Multiple aircraft are helping with fire suppression efforts.


Located 2 miles south of Wellington is being handled by resources by the Texas A&M Forest Service along with mutual aid resources.  This fire was started on private land.  There has been 26,979 acres of land destroyed and fire behavior is active.  There is a 75% containment status.  14 personnel are assigned with 1 engine.  Structures are under threat with 21 already lost.  $1,000 cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment status have been reached.


The Walston  Fire also started on private land and is located 1 mile south of Mason.  There has been 1,700 acres of tall grass and brush that have been consumed by the fire.  However, there is a 40% containment status.  Fire behavior remains active.  43 personnel are assigned along with 8 engines.  Cost-to-date expenses are $1,000.




<p>    April 16, 2018 — COLLEGE STATION, Texas — There is
high probability of a significant wildfire outbreak in West Texas and the
Panhandle Tuesday, April 17 with elevated to critical wildfire conditions
present today.  
  The areas of concern include Amarillo, Ft. Stockton,
and Midland/Odessa.  
  “With these con</p>

Weather forecasters are warning those who play, visit, work and live to extremely careful with fire as there is a high probability of a significant wildfire outbreak in West Texas and in the Panhandle on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.  These alerts are being elevated to critical wildfire conditions listing areas of concern for the Amarillo, Ft. Stockton and the Midland/Odessa areas.  http://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28344


We are using the above wildfires that have their respected hashtagged fire names listed.  Additionally, we are using #TXwildfire2018 to help us track them during this Fire Season.

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Oklahoma’s Wildfire: CaliFire | New!

Incident Summary

A wildfire named the #CaliFire was reported by Fire Officials about 11 miles west of Skiatouk, Oklahoma on Monday, April 16, 2018.


The cause is unknown at this time.

Size Up

The fire has consumed about 746 acres of timber and has reached an 85% containment status.


There are 12 personnel assigned along with 4 engines.

Damage Assessment

The cost-to-date have reached $3,000 for fire suppression and containment status expenses.

Social Media

#CaliFire #OKwildfire2018

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Oklahoma’s #RheaFire | Update 2

Incident Summary

The #RheaFire is currently burning one (1) mile west of Rhea, Oklahoma in the area of the Oklahoma Division of the Forestry.  


There are currently 56 personnel along with 18 engines and two (2) helicopters assigned and on the fire line.  Fire Command is being managed by a Florida IMT Type 1 team.

State of Emergency

Oklahoma State Lt. Governor Todd Lamb extended and expanded a burn ban from the original Declaration of 16 counties to a new total of 36, in the western and central areas of the State.  This is due to extreme and extraordinary fire danger and one that is out of the norm for these area.

The burn ban is now in effect until further notice for the following State’s Counties:  Alfalfa, Beaver, Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Cimarron, Comanche, Cotton, Custer, Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Grady, Grant, Greer, Harmon, Harper, Jackson, Jefferson, Kay, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Logan, Major, Noble, Oklahoma, Osage, Pawnee, Roger Mills, Stephens, Texas, Tillman, Washita, Woods and Woodward. 

Fire Conditions

Fire behavior remains active with running, flanking and spotting consuming everything in its path.  This firestorm has destroyed 243,520 acres. 

Fire crews have reached a 3% containment status and are still focused on fire suppression and containment efforts.

Weather Forecast

No automatic alt text available.

Courtesy of Oklahoma Forestry Services

Effective Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect for much of western Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Extreme fire danger is predicted to begin early in the burning period lasting well into the night and on into the early morning hours on Wednesday given the current state of wildland fuels and forecast weather conditions. Within the Warned Area, temperatures in the upper 80°’s and low 90°’s, clear skies and relative humidity values of 5-15% will deliver fine-dead fuel moisture values as low as 2% with widespread observations of 3% expected. Extreme rates of fire spread complicated by problematic fire behavior including single and group tree torching, crown runs in juniper (redcedar), and spotting will be present on any fire that becomes established.

A Red Flag Warning/Fire Weather Watch is currently in effect. Please refer to http://www.weather.gov/ for the latest updates to the fire weather forecast. 

Damage Assessments

There has been 50 structures reportedly lost.  Homes are still under threat but crews are working to provide structure protection.

The total cost-to-date have reached $946,000.


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Oklahoma’s Rhea Fire Implodes | 1


Dewey County, Oklahoma – A wildfire was reported on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 around 1300 hours PDT from an unknown cause.


The fire is located about nine (9) miles SE of Leedey (Dewey County), Oklahoma.

Fire Status

Photo Credit | @stormchaserQ | Granted written permission

Today, the fire behavior is active with wind-driven runs and flanking.


As of Sunday, April 15, 2018, a Florida Type I Incident Management Team (assigned by OFS) is in Unified Command with Dewey and Custer County Agencies.

Oklahoma Forestry Services resources included two (2) Wildland Fire Task Forces, two (2) Tyep 1 helicopters and one (1) Air Attack along with unknown additional equipment and personnel. (4/12/2018)

There are currently 116 personnel assigned along with 39 engines and one (1) helicopter.  A Florida Type 1 IMT is in Command of this fire incident.

Additional resources from nearby States are also assisting with mutual aid, including 28 firefighters from the Florida Forest Services.


Photo Credit | @stormchaserQ | Written permission granted


The #ReheaFire was reported to have started on April 12, 2018, around 1300 hours PDT.

The cause is unknown at this time and under investigation.

Initial reports indicate the fire was already at 500 acres.

About five (5) hours later, the fire had already destroyed 19,000 acres and was quickly leading to a Firestorm-in-the-Making.

We had to recheck our resources that this was the correct number, which it is. 

The fire would quickly implode upon itself due to high winds.  Fire behavior was reported as being extreme and threatening several structures.

Social Media was ablaze as it reported the fire had jumped an unknown river and was heading north.

On April 13, 2018, the fire had exploded into 240,000 acres due to strong and gusty winds pushing it into a much more out-of-control incident, we call here a “Firestorm.

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As of Sunday, April 15, 2018, the fire has destroyed 245,433 acres but firefighters have reached a three (3) percent containment status.

It was an active day for fire crews as they continued to extinguish hot spots especially in drainages within the eastern Red Cedar area. Ground crews were assisted by helicopters and the CL-415s or “super scoopers”.  Structures threatened.

Damage Assessment

As of Sunday, April 15, 2018, the total costs-to-date of fire suppression and containment expenses have reached a high of $921,000 and it continues to rise as the fire moves through the State.

Social Media

We are using the following hashtags for this wildfire incident:  #RheaFire #OKwildfire2018


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